We couldn’t be in Italy and not eat copious amounts of tiramisu. With loads of enthusiasm, limited ingredients and no recipe, my sister and I made our own version while we were in Tuscany. We used a huge bag of boudoir biscuits from the market, sweet wine made on the farm we were staying at and ran to the neighbours halfway through to ask for sugar- promising we’d bring a taster if it turned out ok, which it did.

This is a piece of Italy that is easy to enjoy anywhere and makes such a great dinner party dessert. I made it last week for our wine club. It’s quite heavy on the alcohol, so use less sweet wine if you like and just substitute with cream.

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You will need (serves 8)

750g mascarpone cheese (3 tubs)

350g boudoir biscuits (2 boxes)

2 cups of strong black filter coffee

1 cup sweet dessert wine

2 tbsp castor sugar

1 slab of dark almond chocolate

3 tbsp coco powder

What to do

Beat the mascarpone, sugar, cream (if used) and sweet wine until smooth.

Place 4 biscuits in a shallow bowl and cover with a little coffee, turn after a few seconds, to soak the other side and then using a spatula, transfer the soaked biscuits into your dish. Continue doing this until the bottom of the dish is covered with a layer of biscuits.

Then cover the layer of biscuits with half of the mascarpone mixture, smoothing it out evenly over the biscuits. Sprinkle half the grated chocolate and cocoa over this and start again with another biscuit layer. Repeat another layer of each, finishing with a sprinkling of coco.

Set in the freezer for an hour and then transfer to the fridge for another hour or until eaten.

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